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Are your aligners tracking?


Tracking is an important aspect of treatment success with Invisalign.  Certain movements are difficult and require monitoring and extra attention.   To evaluate if your aligners are tracking well, please follow the instructions below.

We recommend checking the fit towards the end of each aligner.  It is normal to have airspace at the beginning of each aligner since the space is where the teeth plan to move into.

1) Perfect Fit:  No space between the aligner and the teeth.  You only see the thickness of the plastic

2) Good Fit: Minimal space is visable between the bottom of the aligner and the teeth (1mm)

3) Poor Fit: 2mm of space 

4) Poor Fit: >2mm of space 

Aligner Fit.jpg

What to do?

If you have a perfect(image 1) or good(image 2) fit, continue doing what you are doing! You are doing a great job. Sending photos is optional.

If you have a poor fit (image 3&4): Please take the required pictures with your aligners in.

How to take photos

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